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Sonskyn Guest House is situated on the beach in Bloubergstrand in the locality of Cape Town along the shores of Table Bay, about 25 km to the north of Cape Town city centre. Its name Bloubergstrand in Afrikaans literally means "blue mountain beach" derived from Blaauwberg, a nearby mountain. Bloubergstrand is mainly residential and attracts large numbers of visitors. Bloubergstrand can be regarded as one of the safest destinations in the Western Cape. The beach at Bloubergstrand is a popular location for a classic view of Table Mountain across the bay. Bloubergstrand has always been known as a destination for families and nature lovers.

The Marine Nature Reserve
The Bloubergstrand area falls within a Marine Nature Reserve and diving for delicacies such as Jasus lalandii (also called the Cape rock lobster or West Coast rock lobster) and "perlemoen" or abalone are not allowed. To catch previously well-known local varieties of Galjoen and Hottentot, the hopeful angler has to be in possession of a license. Seafood is popular including the local white mussels. In season Southern Right Whales, occasionally Killer Whales, Humpback Dolphins and Haviside's Dolphin and Cape Fur Seals are commonly seen in the bay.

The Beach
Bloubergstrand has a long white sand beach on the Atlantic ocean, with a few rocky outcrops where black mussels are found. The water is cold due to the cold Benguela current but the beach is popular with surfers. The bay on the west side of Bloubergstrand, known as 'Big Bay' has become a very popular kitesurfing spot due to the constant trade winds bringing a 1-3m surf for a majority of the year. Big Bay Beach is also well known for the ease with which White Mussels can be extracted from the sand by a process locally known as 'jiving'.

The Village
Although it is a small village, it has a strong infrastructure and all amenities are in the area including the most modern shopping centres, movie houses, gyms and health clubs, high quality restaurants, and critical medical care centres.

Shopping Centres
There are two shopping centres in walking distance, Seaside Village, where you will found the renowned Cape Town Fish Market restaurant and Eden on the Bay, the latest contribution that presents a paradise that caters to urban culture in an environment of relaxed living unsullied by the harshness of city life. A place where people get together to relax, dine, drink, work, socialize and soak up the unique essence of seaside life. Some of the trendiest restaurants like Mojo an African restaurant is situated here. Walk along a sun-drenched deck, while the soft sounds of the sea create a background to the casual hum of activity around you. Stroll through architecturally exquisite inter-linking plazas while revelling in the seaside ambience. Sip cocktails, dine alfresco and shop at a selection of trendy restaurants, bistros and stores. Reawaken your senses with a host of saltwater-soaked adventure sports from surfing, swimming and diving to windsurfing and kitesurfing on one of the most sought-after shores.